Fairn & Swanson distributes products to customers through a wide variety of channels. Our products reach a consumer base numbering in the tens of millions. Below is an overview of our main markets.

Cruise Lines

F&S supplies every major cruise line operating in the United States or Canada, as well as cruise ships operating throughout the world. In 2009, some 13.5 million passengers took a cruise, consuming almost $1 billion worth of food and beverages on board. For more information on the cruise line industry, please visit the Cruise Lines International Association at www.cruising.com.

Commercial Shipping

F&S supplies crew on commercial vessels docking in all major U.S. ports, including cruise ships with more than 2,000 employees on board. From small fishing vessels leaving Seattle, WA, for the Bering Sea, to Post PanaMax container ships capable of carrying 10,000 containers, some 1.5 million individuals are employed on board internationally operating merchant ships. For more information on the merchant marine industry, please visit the Maritime Industry Foundation at www.maritimeindustryfoundation.com.


Pacific Islands

Nearly 2 million people live in the South Pacific Islands. While not a travel retail market, F&S has supplied local domestic markets on major South Pacific Islands since founding South Seas Distribution in American Samoa in the 1980s. For more information about the South Pacific Island, please visit www.southpacific.org.


Caribbean Islands

Some 16 million tourists travel to the Caribbean Islands annually. Many of the resorts and hotels catering to these tourists are supplied by F&S. For more information about the tourism industry in the Caribbean, please visit www.onecaribbean.org.


International Border Crossings

Every year, some 200 million individuals enter and exit the United States through land border crossings to and from Mexico and Canada. Through our own chain of Duty Free Stores along the U.S./Mexico border, as well as through supply agreements with other duty free stores, F&S serves this important travel retail market segment. Please visit www.bajadutyfree.com for more information.

Overseas Military

U.S. armed forces are stationed at more than 820 installations in at least 135 countries. In addition, there are 761 military bases overseas, and fleets and aircraft carriers carry up to 6,000 individuals. F&S is able to provide products to this important market.

Consulate, Embassies and Diplomat Offices

Some 177 independent countries have embassies or consulates in the United States, and 194 American embassies are in countries around the world.